Each individual in our sample answered a variety of questions about themselves, including specifying their race, political ideology, age, education, income, height, and body type.

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Instead I put: “Attracted to masculine [men] with a sensitive, feminist side.” That’s right. I believe Trump is a misogynist and a bigot, and I make this clear. Even if they won’t say it out loud, they go on to recite every ridiculous talking point that is least offensive to reasonable people. ” Then I respond by stroking the Trump supporter’s ego.

Things like: “We need to get someone in there who’s not a career politician! (Bad news always lands better after you stroke his ego.) I’ll ask how he got so incredibly successful, and he’ll regale me with tales of “hard work” and “sacrifice.” I’ll nod, smile and say “How wonderful.

How admirable.” Then I might twist my finger around a strand of hair and casually tell him that the word “politics” translates to “of, for, by the citizens.” Politics isn’t supposed to be about business — it’s supposed to be about people.

And Hillary Clinton has much more experience in politics.

Election seasons are always fraught with relationship tension.

But this one — pitting a feminist against a misogynist — seems tougher than usual. A study from Ok Cupid found that 50 percent of respondents would not date someone with opposing political views, a proportion that’s been rising since 2008.

For example, if a white user stated that a white mate would be “nice to have”, we logged that as a same-race preference.

The plot below shows same-race preferences, broken down by sex, race, and political ideology.

A friend suggested that I ask prospective dates if they’re a Trump supporter before agreeing to meet. Somehow texting “Hi, my name is Shannon, do you believe Donald Trump is a misogynist? Other online daters tell me it’s best to state your politics in your profile: “No Trump supporters.” I thought about this.

” doesn’t seem like the best way to start a conversation. But one of my biggest turnoffs (no matter what a guy looks like) is seeing a list of deal breakers.

But I will not confirm what my pro-Trump date likely believes about feminists — that we’re angry and unreasonable above all else.