The bin men are supposed to lift our bins every 2 weeks but I feel it’s much saner if I take them the 10 miles down the road as I’m going that way anyway.We seldom fill them and I managed for 15 years without them but when they closed the tip down on Raasay I threatened to start fly tipping if they didn’t give me a bin.Now our rubbish travels from Arnish to Portree then I think it goes to somewhere in Sutherland over 100miles away! Possibly the worst engine ‘Lister’ ever made When I finally got off to work it was as ever a lovely run down to the ferry slip.

lister engine dating-81

These clubs are approved by the DVLA as being able to provide expertise to help with the registration of their particular class of vehicle. Trevor is associated with the FMPS as the man who provides many of the rally pictures you will find in our picture gallery.

He also acts as an independent reporter/photographer for many tractor and vintage magazines.

Now I’m a great fan of Listers for their ruggedness and reliability but the HRW is a bit of a lemmon.

It was derived from the HR which is air cooled and a super if touch noisy engine.

Speculation surrounds the 14,000 series engines as it was generally believed production stopped at the 13,000 series.

This is not true as I know of engine number 14,000 and I have obtained a nameplate for engine 14,029 which proves there were at least twenty nine 14,000 series engines made.I would be very keen to hear of any other 14,000 series engines in existance. It is believed more PB engines were built than PA engines, therefore it could be a fair assumption to say that this range was available throughout the production run of PA engines, i.e 1936 to 1945.PB's however seem a rarity and it can only be assumed that the majority were exported.70,000 Series:- 1936/7 to 1940 0100,000 Series:- 1940 onwards I would like to hear from anyone who has recovered an engine from a premises where it has originally been installed, there is always a possibility that the original owners will remember the year when an engine was bought, and even better, have the original sales receipt to confirm the date !This page is all about using a 55 year old Diesel engine running on waste vegetable oil to make electricity and heat for my suburban home. 1 hp / 500 rpm, 1.5 hp / 700 rpm and 2 hp / 1,000 rpm.