Fawaz al-Miman, a police spokesperson in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, told the newspaper that Abu Sin made “enticing videos” that “became famous” and negatively affected Saudi Arabia’s image in the world.He added that police had received requests from the Saudi public to have Abu Sin reprimanded.

Pakistani worker ‘commits suicide’ in Saudi Arabia One Saudi newspaper, wrote that the teen deserved to be placed on trial because his video exchanges “made people laugh” at Saudi Arabians.

Other commentators declared that Abu Sin’s chats were a reflection of how youth are being improperly raised in the kingdom. As a result of his offence, he could face a five-year prison sentence and be forced to pay a fine as much as $800,000.

The humorous clips show Abu Sin and Christina, 21, chatting from their homes in California and Saudi Arabia, battling language differences between English and Arabic and jokingly declaring their love for one another.

In one, Abu Sin – whose nickname translates as “toothless” – dons a traditional Saudi headdress and sings Christina a traditional song before asking her to marry him.

On Sunday, Abu Sin released a new video, lasting about a minute, in which, he promised he would no longer use social media in way that would violate the kingdom’s moral and religious codes.

He added that he “repented” for chatting with girls on the Internet.

to paraphrase one helpful, hopeful soul on Twitter.

Sure, yes, just a numberless horde of malignant nihilists who delight in inspiring fear, hatred and sadness, that’s all. I’m no shrinking violet, but the chat was too much for me.

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