Some family councillors have expertise in this area.

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Including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc.

And through all search engines on the same browsers, i.e. This can be tedious to set up if your child’s device has several browsers, but once done it’s free and simple to manage.

So internet filters can only go so far, especially if adult content has been viewed or searched for before, on the same computer.

If your family doesn’t have any adult content filters set up on your home internet connected devices the chances of your child seeing pornography with or without you sitting right beside them is very high.

For many parents this can be the first warning that the family computer has been used for viewing pornography, (parents often start blaming each other, when it maybe their child who is hooked!

) Other Signs: Some children might get very protective of their personal devices – i Pods – Laptops, or start deleting their search history, and it can be hard to tell if they are deleting history. Behavioural changes and secrecy can be normal for teens, but excessive secrecy or fear around you looking at their internet device might mean they are doing something they don’t want you to know about, or… Note: Parental controls and adult content filters can be fairly complex, and are not always 100% effective. A net savvy Teen who is determined to view pornography will find a way to do so, which means you may have a deeper problem than just accidental viewing.(See my manual for these settings and more) There are more complex apps and “Net Nanny” type software you can also use, but the latest operating system for Mac and Windows all have the same basic features if you enable them.If you need further online supervision of your child you can of course set up parental controls on Windows and Mac to send you reports on activity.Most schools only take responsibility for filters on school grounds, and won’t advise parents about what is needed at home.Not all school filters are fail safe either, I have heard of plenty of examples of pornography seen on school computers.It’s best to either disable the browser on a mobile device or only have one.